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Next Level Baseball
Company Information
Next Level Baseball

1460 Market Street , Tallahassee
FL - 32312
United States

Phone 850-765-0364

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 Next Level Baseball was created in 2004, by professional baseball scouts, Doug Reynolds (Brewers), Ryan Robinson (Brewers), and Founder and CEO of Titus Sports Academy, Adam Faurot. In search of a better brand of baseball in the Big Bend area, these three gentleman developed Next Level Baseball. NLB is formatted to offer collegiate and professional experience to youth baseball players to help propel them to the NEXT LEVEL.

NLB offers coaching in all areas of the game through camps, clinics, skill lessons, and practices to players of all ages. NLB utilizes professional players, coaches, and scouts to instruct and promote players, and help them develop the tools and skills they will need to play on a more competitive level (The Next Level).

If you want to be the best, it takes hard work dedication and focus. Next level instructors will push you past your expectations and make you as good as you want to be. Whether your goal is the Pro's college, or even making your High school team, next Level can and will help you improve toward achieving that goal.

 Located at 1460 Market Street

 Tallahassee, FL 32312


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